Community Fund

The Community Fund is an incentive for HK.Chat users.

10% of the initial supply of YOHO tokens will be allocated towards the community fund (100M YOHO).

Developers in the community apply to obtain YOHO tokens

Community developers fill out a form to apply for YOHO tokens.

To ensure fairness and transparency in the application process, we have established corresponding procedures and approval mechanisms. When applying for YOHO tokens, developers will need to provide relevant information such as their name, works, and contributions. This information will serve as the basis for evaluating and reviewing applications.

After approval, the tokens will be distributed to eligible developers or other community contributors. In addition, official announcements will be made to the community, outlining the token allocation and publicly disclosing the review results to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Token holders review applications for the distribution of tokens

To ensure the fair allocation and healthy development of the YOHO token ecosystem, the community has established a comprehensive token voting mechanism.

In this mechanism, token holders can vote to review and decide whether or not to distribute tokens to community developers or contributors. This approach effectively controls the distribution of tokens while incentivizing active participation from all members of the community.

Token holders may participate in voting through Snapshot. The community will list the information of pending token applications for review and distribution. Token holders cast their votes based on the applicant's contributions and works. If enough token holders support the application, then the applicant will receive a distribution of YOHO tokens.

It is important to note that during the voting process, token holders must strictly adhere to the rules and procedures and avoid any unfair voting practices. If issues or violations are discovered, the community officials will investigate and take appropriate action to prevent negative impacts on the token ecosystem and community development.

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